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Automatic Command Archive

The default command storing size of ubuntu is 500 commands. It stores the commands in home folder in the file “.bash_history” .
The problem is 500 commands is too short of a size.
One method is to increase the command size to a large value by changing the $HISTFILESIZE variable using the following command

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BSNL Dataone Auto Downloader

Bsnl(India) provides an account that has 2am to 8am unlimited download. It was not easy to wake up at 2am and switch on the computer and sleep again. So I tried to find a method to switch on the computer automatically at 2am and download and shutdown at 8am. Although the I thought the idea was foolish, I found out that there actually is a method for doing it. “ACPI Alarm” was introduced in 1999 or so (Even my old PC had it).

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Script for Auto Copying of Cds/Dvds

Here is a script that i created for automatically copying all the files in cd to a folder and ejecting and waiting for the next cd.
So here is how it works.
You need to change the folder names and paths accordingly. And the shell script as

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Backend For Panel Reminder

I had already posted about creating a Display Reminders In Gnome Panel. This post is an addition to that script. This is a backend script that writes what to print into the panel_remind file. I use this script to print Birthday Reminder and Things to remember of which I will be posting shortly.
So the Code is simple Perl script.

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Pass cookie from script to firefox

I had a requirement to get firefox to open a logged in page in firefox. I used it for automated opening of some logged in pages. But there is another use for it. It can be used for opening mail or any other site that needs to be logged in. The only issue, this method works on sites that relies on cookies only. This is fine as almost all websites run using cookies. So what the script does is, it has the username and passwords. It logs into your account and gets the cookie and passes the cookie to your browser. So when we open the page again in browser it already has valid cookie and there is no need to login. You will go thought to the logged in page and thats it. You just need to run the script and you can make the script to take any number of sites. Currently I have configured only to automate for Yahoo! . It can be easily extended to add any more sites.

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