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Adding RedHat DVD as Repository

When we try out a new linux OS its always a pain to download and install all the software and  add packages we needs on that. Its even worse if you don’t have an unlimited connection. But actually most of the software we need is already there in the CD/DVD in which the operating system comes with. So how do we install from the DVD then rather than from the internet?
For this you need to add the DVD as a repository so that rpm client picks up the rpm from the DVD and wont go to internet for it.
The Procedure and Files to be modified is a bit different for each OS so i will cover Red Hat Linux in this post.
In RHEL the repo list is maintained in the folder /etc/yum.repos.d/ . So lets create a new file in this directory , say lets call it rhel-cd.repo.
The Contents of this file should be as follows:

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Create a table like another table or from a select query

There are some cases where we need to create a table similar or exactly same as another table. The easiest and best way is use create table along with additional parameters. We can create a table similar to another table without data and with data. Continue reading “Create a table like another table or from a select query” »

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Customizing Mysql Prompt For multiple Servers

If you are using mysql regularly on multiple servers its really useful to have the promt in mysql to show something more than mysql>. It would be useful if it showed the username,hostname, current database and things like that.
So how to do this.

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