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Display Reminders In Gnome Panel

It was a long standing requirement of mine to create a reminder software or something which can keep me reminding of things as I always keep forgetting things. So I made a reminder that displays my reminders on the Gnome Panel.
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Birthday Reminder For Gnome Panel

This program checks the file /home/rsrijith/shell/birthday_reminder.txt to find the upcoming birthdays in 20 days and writes into the file /home/rsrijith/shell/birthdays.
There is a file called /home/rsrijith/shell/birthdays1, the difference between it and birthdays file is that birthdays contains only first name of the person and birthdays1 contains the whole name.
So that’s it. Now the code….

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Reminder for Gnome Panel

This is the program that lets us to enter the text and time at which it should be reminded me. The command has the following options
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Backend For Panel Reminder

I had already posted about creating a Display Reminders In Gnome Panel. This post is an addition to that script. This is a backend script that writes what to print into the panel_remind file. I use this script to print Birthday Reminder and Things to remember of which I will be posting shortly.
So the Code is simple Perl script.

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