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More than 100% CPU in top in Linux/Mac

If you are power linux/mac user you should have noticed at least once that top shows more than 100% CPU for a process. I also have seen this multiple times but always wondered how it can be. Here is an example of how my top looked when I started my java and was doing some number crunching.

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Auto Backup using Dropbox in Linux/Mac

I had some folders on my disk which I wanted to keep a copy online as a backup and for viewing from other places. Its not always possible to save all the essentials in the drop box folder itself to be auto backed up. Thus I wrote a very small script which does this for me. All it does is read all the folders which needs to be backed up from the text file “dropboxFolders.txt” and copy them to dropbox folder. The rest is done by dropbox scripts. Hence I expect the dropbox program to be running always in the background. So here is the script:

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User Level Threads

User level threads is created for light weight threads. It needs to be controlled, context switched and swapped by the process. To the Operating System it is only one process without any threads. Here is one implementation of it:

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Service Engineer/System Administrator Interview Questions

This is not my code alone.  It was the group effort of Vivek Ram, Cijo George, Sandeep Unni and mine during our epic preparation for Yahoo!. I am just putting it open for others who would be looking for this information. Continue reading “Service Engineer/System Administrator Interview Questions” »

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Automatic Command Archive

The default command storing size of ubuntu is 500 commands. It stores the commands in home folder in the file “.bash_history” .
The problem is 500 commands is too short of a size.
One method is to increase the command size to a large value by changing the $HISTFILESIZE variable using the following command

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How to Save file in vi not opened with sudo

It has happened to me a lot of times that i edit a file in vi. I insert and edit a lot and finally when I try to save it I find that I dont have permission for it. If only I had opened it with sudo. I found a solution for this issue. It was actually a simple command and here it is

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Auto Away Notifier for Pidgin in Perl

Whenever I am away from laptop my chat buddies leave me lots message and finally lots of “You there???”. So I thought of making a script that would inform my buddies that I am away when someone sends me a message.
This method works with Pigin API.
I have used /proc/acpi/button/lid/C267/state file to find if the lib of the laptop is closed or not. This file may vary in your laptop. So try to find the find the file in your computer that stores the status of the lid. It should be a file in /proc/acpi/button/lid/ folder and replace the file accordingly in your computer.
The Content of /proc/acpi/button/lid/C267/state is state: open and state: closed when the lid was closed.

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BSNL Dataone Auto Downloader

Bsnl(India) provides an account that has 2am to 8am unlimited download. It was not easy to wake up at 2am and switch on the computer and sleep again. So I tried to find a method to switch on the computer automatically at 2am and download and shutdown at 8am. Although the I thought the idea was foolish, I found out that there actually is a method for doing it. “ACPI Alarm” was introduced in 1999 or so (Even my old PC had it).

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Script for Auto Copying of Cds/Dvds

Here is a script that i created for automatically copying all the files in cd to a folder and ejecting and waiting for the next cd.
So here is how it works.
You need to change the folder names and paths accordingly. And the shell script as

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Display Reminders In Gnome Panel

It was a long standing requirement of mine to create a reminder software or something which can keep me reminding of things as I always keep forgetting things. So I made a reminder that displays my reminders on the Gnome Panel.
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