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More than 100% CPU in top in Linux/Mac

If you are power linux/mac user you should have noticed at least once that top shows more than 100% CPU for a process. I also have seen this multiple times but always wondered how it can be. Here is an example of how my top looked when I started my java and was doing some number crunching.

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Service Engineer/System Administrator Interview Questions

This is not my code alone.  It was the group effort of Vivek Ram, Cijo George, Sandeep Unni and mine during our epic preparation for Yahoo!. I am just putting it open for others who would be looking for this information. Continue reading “Service Engineer/System Administrator Interview Questions” »

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Operator Preference Grouping Order in C

Here is a compilation of how the preference of operators are Left to Right grouping or Right to Left grouping in C. Continue reading “Operator Preference Grouping Order in C” »

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Important MySQL DBA Interview Questions

Here are a few sets of interview questions expected for MySQL DBA position.These are compilation of the usual questions from various DBA texts: Continue reading “Important MySQL DBA Interview Questions” »

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