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User Level Threads

User level threads is created for light weight threads. It needs to be controlled, context switched and swapped by the process. To the Operating System it is only one process without any threads. Here is one implementation of it:

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Cron a Django Program

One of the issue I faced while developing a website in Django was I always had a script which collects or data which is to be in the cron. But Django usually needs a lot of configurations and settings for the environment to run. So after some searches I got that django has an undocumented API of settings which we would use of the same. So here is a file which you could include for any file you would like to run as cron and this file would do the rest.

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Service Engineer/System Administrator Interview Questions

This is not my code alone.¬† It was the group effort of Vivek Ram, Cijo George, Sandeep Unni and mine during our epic preparation for Yahoo!. I am just putting it open for others who would be looking for this information. Continue reading “Service Engineer/System Administrator Interview Questions” »

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Operator Preference Grouping Order in C

Here is a compilation of how the preference of operators are Left to Right grouping or Right to Left grouping in C. Continue reading “Operator Preference Grouping Order in C” »

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